What does the name VOVIE mean?


VOVIE: Voice, Video, Encrypted!


Why is VOVIE so different from other network conferencing applications?

* We deliver direct to friends, others copy everything costing 3x data at 1/2 quality

* Clean 60dB Signal 300% Bandwidth Boost (use your existing networking as is)

* Top Secret Encryption Standard (AES) used for all contacts & communications

* 60dB Broadcast quality Video, (iPhone, Skype, 35dB Typical (6dB = 100% Connection Boost)

* Less than 1/2 bandwidth requirement average, encrypted, and higher resolution

* Disconnects, Data Loss, Jitter, Lip Sync Issues Largely Removed

* In-band secure file exchange, 700% Faster than Apple/Android/Skype/Windows

* Wikipedia: Some network administrators have banned Skype on corporate, government, home & education networks, citing inappropriate usage of resources, excessive bandwidth & security concerns


Can I try VOVIE with friends?


Yes, you are free to share VovieHDCalls Encrypted APP for Windows 7,8,10.

Use free for 30 Days then Donate $5.00 USD on Indiegogo and enjoy unlimited calls for 1 year.

Download Here: http://swpage.com/mty/setupVovieHDAudio.exe


It looks like Meeting to You is releasing some code now, what is it?


Currently VOVIE™ HD Audio Calls 1:1-1000 is available to download for use & testing.


Just download our Audio client that includes the VOVIE™ network VPN and free user activation.


When will VOVIE Call, Text, VPN Networking be released?


Windows Android January 2016, Apple Q2 2016 with funds.


How Does VOVIE Cut My Mobile Cell Cost?


Users now pay $350 to $1200 per year to phone carriers including data cost.

VOVIE to VOVIE: Call, Chat, Share Any File, and reduce your data cost 50%-80%.


How much will it cost to use in store?



Free Calls & VPN from Android Play with Ads

No Ads:

$1/month; VOVIE™ Team HD Audio Calls Encrypted

$2/month; for Call/Text/Share/Social Posts/VPN

$3/month; for Call/Video Chat/Text Share/Social Posts

$4/month; adds e-mail and screen share


Can I invest in VOVIE?

YES, qualified investors can invest.

Contact: norm@vovie.com