A better way to communicate securely!

Highest Security Available!

  • Encrypts HD Calls & Music
  • Encrypted HD Video Chat
  • All Messages Encrypted
  • All Data Encrypted
  • Contact List Encrypted

Safest WiFi, Bluetooth, Satellite, and Cell

AES 128/256 bit Encryption Options

50% Less Data & Storage Cost - Encrypted

Destroy, No Copy after Render Option

VOVIE protects your information from Spies,

Manufacturers, ISPs, Viruses, Malware,

Trojans, and Hackers.

VOice - VIdeo - Encrypted

Direct Phone APP

  • Secure Full HD Group Calls
  • Highest Security Ever!
  • 100% Secure!
  • Lowest Data Ever
  • Secure HD Video Chat
  • Text and Share Faster
  • Play Files 7x Quicker

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