Meeting to You Corporation (MTYC) formed in 2009, is the holding company for all VOVIE technology. Founders Norm Towson and Ted Rybicki helped build state of the art real time communications hardware and software technologies used by HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, Seagate, Nvidia, Google-YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, US Military and others. Together they have a combined 60 years of experience inventing and developing cutting-edge communications technologies.

Vision: Secure HD Communications & Collaboration, Affordable for Home & Business


Mission:  Launch Full HD Call, Chat, Share, Costless Private Direct Network.

VOVIE™ Safe HD Conferencing Software patent pending Copyright © 2015 Meeting To You Corp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Investors Opportunity: Equity Investments are available to qualified investors at $.25 cents per unit.

Minimum US Investment $500 for 2000 share Warrant. Contact;


Crowd Support Opportunity: Soon Indiegogo Early Bird Perks Include VOVIE Lifetime Free

Call/Chat/Share Licenses for secure high quality personal communications.